Wood is used for many things and is one of the first crafting materials you're gonna need for many other things. There are many types of wood, or wooden objects. Here's a list of most/all of them:

Tree trunk, Bush stump, Large tree trunk, Haft, Rod, Stalk, wooden segment, wooden hull, plank, and maybe more.


Here's a list of things you can craft with Wood:

Haft = 1 bush stump or 1 rod or 1 stalk

Rod = 2 haft or 1 tree trunk

Wooden segment = 2 tree trunk or 1 large tree trunk or 2 plank

Wooden hull = 2 tree trunk or 1 large tree trunk or 2 planks

Tree trunk = 1 large tree trunk

Planks = 'place in lumber mill'

There maybe more "wooden" items that aren't listed here. If there are any missing, please comment or edit the page.


Here's a list of wooden buildings/vehicles:

Wood Hut = 4 wooden segments and 2 foliage thatches

Small Wood Hut = 2 wooden segments and foliage thatch

Wooden Granary = 2 wooden segments

Palisade wall = 2 wooden segments

Palisade/wooden gate = 2-3 wooden segments

Palisade tower = 2-3 wooden segments

Mill = 3 wooden segments

Lumber mill = 4 wooden segments

Cart = 2 wooden hulls

Siege tower = 6 wooden hulls

Fence = 2 planks

Ladder = 2 planks

Table = 3-4 planks

End table = 1-3 planks

There are obviously many more buildings/vehicles that aren't listed. Please edit and add the recipes if you know them.