​Wheat island is one of the most habitable islands, as one of the reasons is that it contains much wheat for bread/pie making.


This island is located right next to the desert. It is most noted, while going towards the arches (maybe for mithril/sulfur), as it comes right in the direction you are heading, from the cliff island to the arches.

It has three sections, of which the first is the sandy beach, which contains palm trees. The second is the planting ground, containing the wheat and as well as a water pond. At last is the small rocky hill, containing only stones, which combines with the other two sections, by leading an arch doorway between them, while connecting to an even smaller rocky hill, which also contains only stones. One thing else, that this island does not include a spawn point, but is a good place for survival.


It includes much amount of stone, spread all over the island, but does not have any ores, but that is not much to worry about. Near the island there is the desert, which contains iron, coal and copper, where as wheat island is also close to the arches, if you are a mithril/sulfur hunter. Only thing missing is tin, which you can find, the nearest, in the cliff island. other items, on the island, includes is a pond of water, coconut trees and palm trees, wheat, as already talked about, and of course: sand.

Survival tips:

This island is not very spacious, but if you are a good building planner, you surely will be able to properly manage your buildings, such as, you might consider the part of the island where wheat grows as your farm and the side with the most sand for your buildings. this island can support up to clans of up to 1-3, if more, it might get crowded.

The hill can be used as a wall by simply making walls around the borders on the island, where the hill does not provide protection. This, along with it's relativly small size and the many stone spawns, causes defenses are more easily made than on any other island.

This island is most of the time taken over by other players, due to the excessive amount of wheat, but unless you have a strong weapon to scare them off, or you team the people, who are already there before you, then this island will be yours or you and your team's.

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