Robotic Killer

aka Robotic_Killer

  • I live in a galaxy, far, far away.
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is not nearly as well-paying as I'd like.
  • I am incredibly sexy.
  • Robotic Killer

    Hello! I am Roboti_Killer and i am on the search for a myth. It has been said that there is a rare material, that does everything in a single frame. It is named PLATINUM and it is rumored to be found on the edge of the world in two possible locations: behind the Desert Island and near the Swamp Island. I am starting this blog at 27/11/2015 and everyday i will go on a search.

    These are the rumors: -Platinum island is very small, with a single ore vein on it.

                           -Platinum Island teleports from one spot to another.

                           -You take damage if you get too close to Platinum Island.

                           -It can only be mined by a Mithril Pickaxe

                           -It takes double the material to make tools (e…

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