In an attempt to increase the quality of this wiki, I am going to write a standard page format. Follow this if your making a new page, or cleaning an old one. This applies to mainly item, building, and island pages, others may require special format.

A insert item name in bold is an item/building/tool/vehicle/whatever in Survival Beginnings. (ignore the colon in the name)


Add information about the recipe, appearance (if no picture is available), and other information, such as stats. This should take about 1-2 paragraphs depending on the item, or much more if it is about an island or something similar.

And that is it. Add pictures where necessary, but don't go overboard or add pictures like "LUUK AT MEH I AM SO USUME I DID ____!" If you feel a page is an exception to this rule, don't feel limited, but try and do something close to this. Once we get the fancy infoboxes from 303 wiki, I will add a standard format for those too.