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    Making infoboxes!

    June 18, 2014 by Mojman456

    As you could probably tell from the name,to create a infobox, click the source button in the upper right corner, and copy and paste these templates, filling out information appropriately.

    These need to be on every page that describes a noun (Not including people). Simply put, islands, food, tools, misc. items, etc.

    The coding for the infobox would be this:


    |Box title = (The name of what the page is about.)

    |image = File: (Insert image type name with extention. If there is no avalible image at the moment, input Placeholder.jpg(and yes, it is case sensitive.).)    

    |caption = (Insert Amusing Joke/Comment About the Item/tool/place/etc.)

    |Row 1 title = 

    |Row 1 info = 

    |Row 2 title = 

    |Row 2 info = 

    |Row 3 title = 

    |Row 3 info = 

    |Row 4 title = 


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