Okay so, I'm sure every single person have heard of vandalism, profanity, spam... and the list goes on. So, I just wanted to point down some stuff, just to improve the community and the Wiki itself.

This may be a long read for (some of) you, but you have to read it all for the sake of the Wiki.


Now, for every editor out there. You have to read the rules before editing any page on the Wiki.
After reading the rules, you are free to edit whatever page you want following the rules with your edit.

You may go to the community central and have a quick hover-over by the tutorials. But here is some tutorials that will get you started that our administrator NoBanana has provided on the Blog. There is a page format that you HAVE to follow while editing or creating a new page. Click here to go to the blog post.

There is another blog post, this one follows with the first one, I'm quite sure he forgot to merge them together. It's about the infoboxes, you have to follow this infobox standard procedure if you are making a new page OR adding an infobox to an existing one that doesn't have it. Click here to go to the blog post.

After this, you are (hopefully) a successful editor.


Okay, I'm sure many of you who are reading this is probably some viewers who just view the Wiki and... here are some stuff I want to point out for viewers.

So... every one of you is required to read the rules. Even if you aren't editing something, just abide by them... and we'll be all good.

There aren't really any more things for viewers, I would have made an in-depth guide... but well, this is enough for today.

Thanks for reading, See you in the game! ~Michael20028; Impirus

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