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A example of a camp.

Tribes and Camps==

What they are.

Tribes are a group of friends or random met players. You should watch who you trust as they may backstab you while you are mining or any other thing. A camp is a manmade village made by Tribes or a single player. Tribes often set up camps or they will be hostile and attack every tribe/player. 

Why camps/tribes are important.

Tribes are important because you have a team mate along with you which could save your life in many situations. A camp is a important because they you can store stuff and grow/cook burn ore's etc. BUT they aren't always safe. Heres why: 

1. Sneaky hostiles can burn your camp down (This is why you need a Clay Jug/Wooden Bucket/Tin Bucket, or you could build it from stone.)

2. A hostile tribe can raid your camp kill you take your supplys then burn the camp down, again, preventable by building with stone, as wood often attracts more raiders.

Tips to keep your Camps safe:

1. Burn your ore's and other stuff AWAY from the camp, as the fire can spread quickly and kill all your crops/buildings.

2. If you have a team mate along with your choose one to stay and one to collect stuff incase a sneaky hostile shows up. Split the stuff 50/50 or [tel:25/25/25/25 25/25/25/25] with your tribe.

3. Set your camp close to a pond, or build a well, so you don't have to travel far and risk to get burnt down by hostile.