ROBLOX Beginnings Survival-How to get into the secret cave00:45

ROBLOX Beginnings Survival-How to get into the secret cave.

RobloxScreenShot01162014 165229967

Enterance to the Cave. I will upload a better one.

The Secret Cave.

The Secret Cave is located on the second mountain on the Mainland. It is roughly half way up, and to the far left of the waterfall.


Bring a sword ( preferably a bronze sword ) to protect yourself from raiders guarding the area. You will also need to bring a steel pickaxe to mine the mithril ore.
It is best to block the entrance with a non-flammable object (Stone granary/Small Hut) in order to avoid a player/tribe controlling the server.

HINT: It is beside of the waterfall.- Good Luck!

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