Mithril spot
Type Ore
Rank type Strongest
Areas found The Arches, Mainland, and The Lone Mountain

Mithril is a Ore/Gem l in Survival: Beginnings.


Mithril is the most powerful ore/gem in the game, and is a bright purple in color. It is used to create the most powerful set of tools in the game, and is only found in three well-hidden locations. It is considered the endgame material. It can only be mined by a Mithril Pickaxe or a Steel Pickaxe.

It cannot be used to create anything other than the tools of its tier, meaning only ten mithril is required to create the full set of tools: Mithril Sword, Pickaxe, Axe and Knife.

Mithril Ore


At the Mainland Mountains, there is a big waterfall. You'll notice it when you get to it. Keep searching around it and on it, itself. You'll find that at a point there is a small, hidden cave entrance in a crevice that leads to a single mithril ore deposit.

The Arches, preferably the best place to get mithril if you are an intermediate/expert player since it is the least-visited of the Mithril locations. It is also the least guarded of all the locations and has the most mithril ores in one run (8 ore).

On the Lone Mountain, enter straight and go straight forwards into the entrance of the cave. Once you get to the back, get some planks and there will be a rocky path leading up that you must supplement with planks. It is quite hard to make the path, but it is possible, and the reward is a mithril deposit and perhaps the location for a small village.

"Emerald Tools"

Exploiters have been seen to possess mithril tools that are lime rather than the standard bright purple. This is because the exploiters use their cheat device to change the color of the tool. Fans of the game have nicknamed these "Emerald" tools. However, there is no emerald ore in the game. The only way to obtain "Emerald" tools is to use a third-party cheating tool to change the color of the tools. Do not attempt to hack yourself "Emerald" tools or your account will be banned from Survival: Beginnings, and you could also be banned from ROBLOX itself.