Cliff Climbing

Cliff Climbing

Cliff Climbing (showing how to get up on Cliff Island)

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An Island with an interesting layout. Including a ridiculous hole in the center.


It is hard to get up onto the actual Island itself, since it's a cliff. The Island honestly isn't that great, but to make sure invaders or raiders only have one point of entry, this is the best island for a Tribe. For best use, bring at least one well and wheat to start living there, if nobody lives there at the moment. Once a settlement has been created, create ladders and place from the bottom of the large hole to the ledge looking into it. Then, use the stone on the island to create walls and "block off" the entryways and the arch from the hole to the shore of the island. This can make the island impregnable, even for loners.


+ Best island for big tribes
+ Small Stones on the beach
+ Fair Amount Of Wood
+ Hard for raiders to attack the village in it
+ Large cave with Tin, Iron, Copper, and Coal

- Giant hole in the middle
- Hard to get up onto
- No natural source of water
- No natural source of food
- Cave needs lots of torches to light up
- Always conquered by advanced tribes