Wheat Island

Wheat island is a main source of coconuts, and of course, wheat. It is partly surrounded by stone and is a common location for fortresses and farms. There is no spawn point on this island.

The Desert

The Desert is one of the hardest islands to live on, because it can only support coconuts, and banana trees as a crop. It contains no water, and a well must be made out of sand or rock for a player to stay alive there. The resources it contains is clay, sand, cactus, stone, copper, iron, and coal. Many players use the island to mine the materials for steel, and cactus to climb the arches nearby. Players cannot spawn here.

Banana Island (a.k.a BI)

Banana Island falls between the mainland and Cotton Island. It has a beach and a small hill, underneath which is a small cave. This island's naturally grown plants are berries, cotton, and bananas, and the cave contains tin, coal, and stone. This island has a spawn point.

Swamp Island

Swamp island is an isolated island located behind The Lone Mountain. It is covered in trees and water, and is also a source of cotton balls and flax. It has a cave underneath the hill where there is Copper and Sulfur. The island has no spawn point.

The Lone Mountain

The Lone Mountain is an island that is covered in high, mountainous territory - similar to The Mainland's mountains. It has no grass, but Sand can be harvested from the outer banks. There are no food resources naturally spawning here. Inside the mountain, Iron, Coal, Copper and Mithril can be found. It has two caves - one large one at the main entrance, and one smaller one to the side.

The Stone Spikes (a.k.a Ore Island)

The Stone Spikes is an island located next to Banana Island, Wood Island and The Mainland. It is not a spawn point, and is made of stone with a sand border. Four large, stone spikes are on the island, giving it it's name. Generally used for mining, it has Tin, Copper and Coal. There are no naturally spawning food resources or greenery.

Orange Island

The orange island contains oranges, wheat, stone, flax, and the usual greenery. The island's primary food source is generally bread unless foreign crops such as bananas, berries, apples, or coconuts are planted. It is beside Cliff Island, and Swamp Island. The island does have a spawn point.

Herb Island

The Herb Island is a small island next to the Lone Mountain and the mainland, it has a small hill, not too many trees, a few large trees, and contains Potato, Apple and Herbs. There is a small pond with flax surrounding it. Next to the island is a smaller island, containing Copper and Stone.

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