The Catapult is a vehicle in Survival Beginnings.


Normally, catapults are very rare and unused, due to their uselessness as very few players will truly build a castle or other settlement that requires siege engines. It is impossible to truly be able to aim properly, due to the roblox physics engine, though it can be used to occasionally and comically dispose of useless items by launching it off the island. It, however, along with the Cart, is slightly faster then walking normally, though the cart is more preferred in transportation due to the ability to store items on it. 


  • Catapults can be used as an alternative to ships to hop islands. Being launched by a catapult is much faster and riskier than any other form of transportation, because if you don't reach your destination, you'll waste some time swimming, and possibly, die. Catapults do launch you a decent distance, though. You can use it to leap over a stone wall when siegeing bases. If you do use it for this, the recommendation would be to equip a weapon and use a seat.
  • You can spam your enemy's base with burning junk using the catapult. Like foliage.
  • Launch burning flax, cotton balls, stalks, foliage, or anything burning at anyone you want annoyed. Make sure you have a water container though, because your catapult will inevitably end in ashes while loading your desired "ammo".
  • In a later update, when bombs are fixed, a use would be to fling bombs over a wall.

Raft with mounted catapult

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