Any knife can be used to "Carve" wooden items to make their surfaces welded, making them sticky. In order to do so, take out a knife of your choice, ( Generally stone, as wasting other materials to make a knife isn't cost effective ) and click on the wooden object, a bar will appear similar to that of the foraging one, and it will have the name of the item on there. ( You are not forging it, you are carving it, the item will remain on the ground )

All the knifes, ( Stone Knife , Copper Knife , Bronze Knife , Iron Knife , Steel Knife , Mithril Knife ) have the ability to carve wooden objects, each at their own speed in relevancy to their Tier, Stone being the slowest, Mithril being the fastest.

Practical Uses

  • Allows for increased levels of custom construction
  • Allows the ability to climb steep surfaces
  • Allows the ability to modify Vehicles
  • Allows the ability to modify Lumbermills , Wooden Huts , and Cotton Gins