A cart is a vehicle in Survival Beginnings.


The carts is one of the easiest land vehicles to make, only requiring two wood hulls, which in turn are made with four tree trunks, or two large tree trunks.

The Cart's main use is land transportation, though they are useless on most islands, since most islands are small enough to travel by foot, or they have too many slopes and obstacles for a cart to move. So in most islands, a cart is useless and walking by foot is a better means of transport. The only island where a cart is worth building is the Mainlands, in which the terrain is flat and the island is very large.

Another use for the cart is transporting objects such as food and materials, but most materials can be moved from one point from another by simply carrying them in your inventory, so this function is also pretty useless too, unless you want to carry items and don't have enough room in your backpack. Most likely the best use of the cart would be using it as a sort of "war machine". The cart can be set on Fire, and driven into a village to burn an enemies' buildings, food and crops.  In a later update, when bombs work, it may also be loaded with bombs, and driven into a village to set off the bombs and destroy as much of it as possible. Thought in most cases its basically suicide, it's a good trick to destroy an enemy base fast.

An invention which is somewhat known is putting a building (Or welding wooden planks to the side for more buildings) on the cart, to create a mobile structure or a shop of some sort.