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Banana Bread is a food in Survival Beginnings.


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Looking Tasty!

Banana Bread is a great source of food. It will replenish 25 hunger and it comes in 3 portions, granting a total of 75 hunger, almost double that of regular bread. To craft it, you need 1 Dough and 2 Bananas. Banana Bread is sometimes made in large quantities for tribes, as it's wheat and bananas are plentiful, this is an amazing food source.

P.S. If you are going to a long trip (mining, attacking enemy base etc.) you should take one with you, it only takes 1 inventory slot and restores a lot of hunger so it can be useful for emergency and avoid a death. The banana bread has 3 portions each healing 25 hunger each, (75 hunger restore in total).